100, 101, 102

I travel Illinois for work, and occasionally practice in different courthouses. Sometimes, I would take a picture of an interesting, historic courthouse. About six years ago, I began a personal project to get images of courthouses from all 102 counties. I'd usually only add one or two counties on my way to or from a meeting. I was stuck at 98 counties for quite a while. A trip to visit friends in Galena last month helped me knock off the two counties in the extreme northwest part of the state. Last week I checked off number 100: Henry County courthouse in Cambridge.

Henry County Courthouse, Cambridge, Illinois

And then 101: Mercer County courthouse in Aledo.

Mercer County courthouse, Aledo, Illinois

And finally Wednesday, number 102: White County courthouse in Carmi:

White County Courthouse, Carmi, Illinois

I got a fitting historical bonus in Carmi to conclude the project. Down the block from the courthouse is the Robinson-Stewart House, one of the oldest in the state. Originally, a log house built in 1814 (with some of the logs showing on the side), it served as the county court until 1828. It was later owned by John Robinson, who was a state Supreme Court justice.

Robinson-Stewart house, Carmi, Illinois