Lake, pond, bay, inlet, strait? Let's just call it a loch.

Freshwater, brackish or seawater, it seems nearly every body of water in Scotland is called a loch. Two weeks ago I posted some images from Suidhe viewpoint, also called seven lochs viewpoint from small inland lakes to the huge Loch Ness. Here’s some images of Loch Linnhe. It is the southwestern part of the Great Glen Fault that runs NE to SW through Scotland and includes Loch Ness. Linnhe is a saltwater inlet. Here’s a little bay on the northeast end. I discovered what a walking on a Scottish bog is like when one step is on solid ground and the next step which looks the same is suddenly shin deep in muck.

loch lehinn-2.jpg
loch linhe boat-4586.jpg

Down near its wide south end, a storm was brewing on the other side. So what does Linnhe mean in Gaelic? Well, “pool,” of course.

loch linnhe-2.jpg
loch linhe 2-2.jpg