Surfing Horses

Well, horses in the surf. These pictures have been hard to edit, because it is so challenging to narrow down the images to choose to show. I attended a sunrise workshop where horses and riders from the Baker Barn ran on Butler Beach near St. Augustine, Florida. The morning we were scheduled to shoot, weather reports showed a thunderstorm hitting right after dawn. For everyone’s safety, the shoot was cancelled, and we hoped it could be rescheduled with the riders and appropriate permits. One photographer was leaving that day, so he talked to one rider who said she’d stay to give her horse a run on the beach anyway. A few of us stayed — and it never rained a drop! It helped to get some practice with this challenging shooting.

horse turn 8756a.jpg

The next morning we were able to reschedule and there wasn’t a cloud in the sky — which meant there would be little color once the sun rose, so it was time for pre-dawn silhouettes.

horse silo 025a.jpg
horse run 477a.jpg

Kari and Buttercup, the team that stayed the morning before did a great jump once the sun got up.

horse jump 9919.jpg

With the sun up, I went into the surf to get a better light angle on the horses, which also allowed you to see their incredible musculature.

horse cowboy vert 2032.jpg

This horse only had his left eye which caused him some hesitancy to run south on the beach because he couldn’t get perspective looking into the ocean. The rider discovered that he would see me and I could be a target, so we had some fun (and a few unsettling moments) to have him run right at me. What an incredible time.

horse vert surf_2330a.jpg