Out of the mist

How about a bit of a poem from Mary Oliver and some images from a morning at a friend’s place in the Northwoods of Wisconsin. To get the full flavor, you should read the whole poem: Mornings at Blackwater, from Red Bird, 2008, Mary Oliver.

Wisc lake pads pier-7269.jpg

. . . .

What I want to say is

that the past is the past,

and the present is what your life is,

Wisc lake dawn-2.jpg

and you are capable

of choosing what that will be,

darling citizen.

Wisc lake Iris-7187.jpg

So come to the pond,

or the river of your imagination,

or the harbor of your longing,

Wisc lake sun star-2.jpg

and put your lips to the world.

And live

your life.

Wisc lake boat float-7320.jpg