More fishing

The morning started with some fog over the water.

Fish jump seagull sunrise-8602.jpg

Soon I noticed the water was boiling with fish near shore. The tiny bait fish swirled on the surface indicating big fish were going after them below, and this attracted the birds to after them from above. And a few folks were going after them from aside.

Fish jump beach dolphin-8668.jpg
Fish jump beach-8640.jpg
Fish jump fisherman-8657.jpg

After leaving the beach, and crossing the inter-coastal waterway, I had to pull over because of the beautiful green reflection on the water. There were more fisherman bringing their catch in, dolphins and pelican gathering their catch, but this Great Blue Heron captured my attention. It seemed as if the mullet were teasing him, but he eventually found the target.

Fish jump Great Blue Heron-8368.jpg
Fish jump Great Blue Heron-8337.jpg
Fish jump Great Blue Heron-8347.jpg