The clouds and streams of Glen Coe

Glencoe cascade clouds scottish highlands-6007.jpg

I can’t say I know Glen Coe. I haven’t hiked it. Haven’t explored the peaks. Haven’t ridden the River Coe. But I’ve driven the A82 through it. Twice. And stopped for a few images. And the scenes will be indelible in my mind.

The steep glen walls just weep with streams. It was misting and raining both times driving through, but still, you question: How can there be that much water?

Glencoe cascade clouds-3836.jpg
Glencoe cascade-3841.jpg

The heather, trees, clouds and rocks make it both stark and soft at the same time.

Glencoe trees-Scotland clouds 3858.jpg

The first time through, there was a heavy mist, but the sun peaked through and glowed at times. The second, was a steady rain.

Glencoe road-2.jpg
Glencoe mist-cottage glow.jpg