The Lady of Loch Ness

No monsters were seen on the Loch, but we were given directions to a waterfall in a nearby glen. You turn by the garage for the sign for the cemetery (accents on the first syllables of “garage” and “cemetery,” don’t you know.) You’ll walk through the graveyard, and find steps over the cemetery wall.

Lady falls cemetery stairs-3380.jpg

You’ll continue along a farm and see lots of sheep.

Lady falls wall-2.jpg

The paths will be green, and you’ll get soaked in the rain and while rubbing against the ferns crowding the trail, but the trees will point the way.

Lady falls green trail-3061.jpg
Lady falls curve oak-3274.jpg
Lady falls oak drama-2.jpg

There may be some locals who keep an eye on you so you don’t disturb the heather and the aspen.

Lady falls ferns heather-2.jpg
Lady falls deer-3073.jpg

Finally, you will be presented to the Lady in her white gown.

Lady falls fall path-2.jpg
Lady falls falls-2.jpg